Special Education Day - Fungi: from fantastic to frightening!

Last Friday, 6th May, marked an important event in our calendar. The Charity was proud, in collaboration with our research partners from the University of Exeter and the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology to be hosted for a special education day at Noah's old school.

The day included two special assemblies on Fungi to teach the children the important role of fungi in our world and get the younger generation engaged and excited about science!

Later that morning, there was some modelling activity in the classrooms which saw the children getting hands-on and asking lots of questions about how fungi grow and why some fungi are more harmful than others.

It was a wonderful day with lots of smiles and intelligent questions, thank you again to all the pupils at Kew Green Prep for your enthusiasm, and continued support to help us raise £110,000 for a dedicated researcher to improve the early diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in children with leukaemia.